In October 1982, three young musicians from Waldaschaff, Bavaria Manfred Hock, Bernd Zwiesler and Christian Kunkel traveled to Clonakilty for initial discussions with Brawny Wycherley, the conductor of the St. Patrick's Brass Band regarding a possible friendship between the St. Patrick's Brass Band in Clonakilty and Musikverein Waldaschaff. The idea had come about following correspondence over the previous two years between Brawny Wycherley and Walter Schmittner, Secretary of Musikverein Waldaschaff.

Two years later in August 1984 the "Seven Bavarians" Walter Schmittner, Christian Kunkel, Bernd Zwiesler, Peter Imhof, Bernhard Pfaff, Michael Schmitt and Manfred Hock brought their music to Clonakilty and went down a storm. After playing at the Sunday Mass all in Clonakilty knew that the "Seven Bavarians" were around and for every appearance, apart from Sunday Mass, there were encores of Trompeten-Echo which had become an instant 'hit' with the Clonakilty people.

At the invitation of the Musikverein Waldaschaff, the St. Patricks Brass Band of Clonakilty visited Waldaschaff at Easter 1985. In the storm the Irish guests conquered the hearts of the Waldaschaff people. Many happy hours were spent enjoying music, folk dancing and singing and culminated in the "Irish-Bavarian Night" at the Gasthaus "Zur Krone".

In July 1986 Musikverein Waldaschaff went on a concert tour to Ireland and for all the participants the visit to Clonakilty was a lasting experience, because everyone experienced the hospitality and genuine friendliness of the Irish people. Burgermeister Peter Winter also traveled with the group and over lunch with the Chairman of Clonakilty Urban District Council Donald Cullinane the possibility of an official twinning between Clonakilty and Waldaschaff was discussed. This set in motion the twinning process which would shortly come to fruition.

At Easter 1988 an official delegation of 13 people from Clonakilty visited Waldaschaff. The group was headed by Chairman of Clonakilty Town Council Diarmuid O'Donovan and included Chairman of Clonakilty Town Twinning Association Danny Lordan, Clonakilty Town Council Town Clerk Michael Kenneally and the purpose of the visit was to make preparations for the twinning between Clonakilty and Waldaschaff.

In August 1988 there was a return visit by a Waldaschaff delegation of 23 people led by Waldaschaff Burgermeister Peter Winter to progress preparation for the twinning between the two towns. Many of the delegation were in Ireland for the first time and were impressed by the beautiful scenery and the hospitality of the Clonakilty people.

In March 1989 14 members of Waldaschaff Wrestling Club visited Ireland for 11 days. The visit was organised by Ignaz Ritter of KSV "Bavaria" Waldaschaff and Clonakilty Town Clerk Michael Kenneally and included a wrestling matches with a Dublin club in Dublin and an Irish national team later in Clonakilty. On Good Friday the delegation enjoyed a visit to the historic Droumbeg Stone Circle accompanied by Michael Kenneally and Teddy Lowney and later had an enjoyable evening in Danny Lordan's Oasis Bar.

The Twinning Charter was signed in Waldaschaff on Sunday 2nd July 1989 by Chairman of Clonakilty Town Council Charles R Cullinane and Burgermeister of Waldaschaff Peter Winter in the presence of Auxiliary Bishop Helmut Bauer and the Irish Ambassador Kester W. Heaslip. Over 100 people from Clonakilty traveled to Waldaschaff for the event including Chairman of Clonakilty Town Twinning Association Danny Lordan, Clonakilty Town Council Town Clerk Michael Kenneally and the St. Patrick's Brass Band (now Clonakilty Brass Band)

May 1990 saw the first Town Twinning related German-Irish wedding between Sigrid Hock and Michael Martin of Youghal.

In the former Clonakilty GAA Clubhouse at Clarke Street on 5th August 1990 the Twinning Charter was signed by Clonakilty Chairman Raymond O'Neill and Waldaschaff Burgermeister Peter Winter in the presence of the guests of honour Bishop Buckley, the representative of the German Embassy and Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture & Food Joe Walsh. The event was attended by a delegation of 110 people from Waldaschaff with great participation by the Clonakilty community. An excellent colorful program was prepared by Clonakilty Town Twinning Association for the visit, one of the highlights being a picnic on Sherkin Island.

On 8th January Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture & Food Joe Walsh visited Waldaschaff. During his time in Waldaschaff he visited two companies Ymos and Getränke Büttner and later dined in Waldaschaff at the invitation of the community.

On April 15, 1991, Freundeskreis Clonakilty Association (Friends of Clonakilty) was founded with initially 35 members.

There was a visit of 13 students from Clonakilty to Waldaschaff from 3rd to 12th July 1991. This was the first such visit by a school from Clonakilty to Waldaschaff.

For Easter 1992 a delegation of 13 people (with folk group) from Clonakilty visited Waldaschaff from 16th April to 26th April 1992. The group was led by the Chairman of Clonakilty Twinning Association Danny Lordan and Mayor of Clonakilty Michael O'Reagan. DeBarra's folk group which included Denis Noonan and Cathal Hickey performed a number of concerts during the visit.

On 20th May 1992 Rosaleen Dineen, who was part of the Clonakilty delegation to Waldaschaff in 1989, died unexpectedly in Germany at the age of only 24. She worked and lived at the Hotel Lamm in Heimbuchenthal. It was a very sad occasion but the Waldaschaff community rallied round and the participation in the funeral was overwhelming. A donation call to cover the extremely high funeral costs were successful and exceeded the wildest expectations.

March 1993 saw the start of a pilot project for the education of young apprentices from Clonakilty in Waldaschaff. After a four-week internship as carpenters in May, the twelve young people went back in September to Lower Main to begin their two-year apprenticeship. It was a pilot project created involving thee EC Commission, Freundeskreis Clonakilty, the Chamber of Crafts Lower Franconia, the vocational schools in Aschaffenburg and Clonakilty as well as ten craft businesses from Lower Main, including Reinhard Kunkel's company from Waldaschaff.

From June to October 1993 46 teenagers from Clonakilty were in Waldaschaff for Summer holiday work.

On 2nd October 1993 the Irish team won the 7's Günter Gerber Memory Tournament challenge cup hosted by SC Breite Wiese. From Ireland Niall Dineen, John Murphy, Diarmuid O'Sullivan supported by Armin Zwiesler, Jürgen Binsack and Wolfgang Hussy from Waldaschaff.

On Thursday 17th March 1994 Clonakilty Town Twinning Association organised the 1st Clonakilty St Patrick's Day Parade.

From 24th May to 2nd June 1994 a delegation of 25 from Waldaschaff led by Burgermeister Peter Winter visited Clonakilty to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Twinning between Clonakilty & waldaschaff. The group also visited Cork and received a Civic Reception from the Lord Mayor of Cork.

In August 1994 the Musikverein Waldaschaff Accordion Orchestra under the direction of Sigrid Braun visited Clonakilty and played at various events. The highlight was their musical participation at Sunday mass in Clonakilty Church.

In February 1995 RTE TV made a documentary on the five years of partnership between Waldaschaff and Clonakilty  described as "the most successful twinning of any town in Ireland" The film went out in Ireland on March 22, 1995.

On Friday 17th March 1995 Clonakilty Town Twinning Association organised the 2nd Clonakilty St Patrick's Day Parade,

In July 1995 nine young carpentery apprentices received certificates on completion of their apprenticeships with John Paul Kelleher honored as the third Guild Champion. On July 20, 1995 Freundeskreis Clonakilty gave a reception for the nine young Irishmen and the celebrations were attended by the director of Vocational school 1 of Aschaffenburg, Mr. Anton Kunkel, the vocational school teachers Mr. Wedlich and Mr. Klug, the Irish Education Leader John Keohane, the Principal of Clonakilty Community College Kevin Mc Carthy, Burgermeister Peter Winter and members of Freundeskreis Clonakilty who presented the Irishmen with an illustrated book on the Waldaschaff region.

In November 1995 students from Sacred Heart Secondary School visited Germany for 10 days and were hosted by the Realschule in Hösbach.

On Sunday 17th March 1996 Clonakilty Town Twinning Association organised the 3rd Clonakilty St Patrick's Day Parade.

March 1996 the 1st St. Patrick's Day celebration in Waldaschaff organised by Freundeskreis Clonakilty with Irish music by Joe Ginnane, Guinness, Irish Whiskey and finger food.

November 1996 the 2nd German - Irish wedding between Claudia Pfeiffer and Olan Wycherley from Clonakilty.

In February 1997 five Irish apprentices qualify as plumbers in Waldaschaff.

On 15th March 1997 the 2nd St. Patrick's Day celebration in Waldaschaff with Irish music by Joe Ginnane.

On Monday 17th March 1997 Clonakilty Town Twinning Association organised the 4th Clonakilty St Patrick's Day Parade.

In September 1997 a group from Clonakilty led by mayor Martin Kingston visited Waldaschaff to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Musikverein Waldaschaff and the inauguration of the new Waldaschaffer Festplatz.

In February 1998 there was a visit by 17 people from Clonakilty to waldaschaff to celebrate the 50th birthday of Hannelore Steigerwald.

March 1998 saw the 3rd St. Patrick's Day celebration in Waldaschaff with music by east Cork musician Stormin Norman.

On Tuesday 17th March 1998 Clonakilty Town Twinning Association organised the 5th Clonakilty St Patrick's Day Parade.

From 13th to 22nd October 1998 a delegation of 11 people from Waldaschaff led by Ralph Hundertmark visited Clonakilty. The delegation was given a Civic Reception by Clonakilty Mayor Seamus O'Brien & Clonakilty Town Council.

13th August 2018 on the eve of her 88th birthday, Maria (Marei) Zwiesler received a certificate of thanks from Michael Collins Irish Ambassador to Germany from Danny Lordan who was Chairman of Clonakilty Town Twinning Association in 1989 when Clonakilty twinned with Waldaschaff. Maria's son Bernd was present from the beginning and so it is not surprising that the "Zwiesler Home" (Marei and her late husband Josef) was always a point of contact and hostel for Irish friends and is still today!  And so Maria Zwiesler was surprised on her birthday with a thank you certificate from the Irish ambassador. Burgermeister of Waldaschaff Marcus Grimm thanked  the Member of Parliament Peter Winter, Danny Lordan, current Chairman of the Clonakilty Town Twinning Association Michael Kenneally and Vice chairman of Freundeskreis  Clonakilty Sonja Heyn-Völker and Marei for the irreplaceable support of this community partnership.